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Relieving Your Stress

Step into a world of relaxation and calm at Smile Thai Massage. All of our therapists are fully trained in both traditional Thai massage and relaxation massage. We offer you Thai massage in a serene, peaceful and cosy atmosphere. When you need to unwind and relieve your stress just think of Smile Thai Massage. We will truly make you smile by taking away all your stress, built up tension and worries. We promise you will escape to a most incredible and tranquil place without having to leave the country.

Just lie down and we will do the rest!

Pure Luxury

Our very skilful and friendly team work hard at giving you nothing but pure luxury from the moment you walk in the door. We want to rejuvenate and take care of you as much as possible. Come in feeling stressed, tired, worried etc and leave feeling totally relaxed, fresh and serene.

We promise you will want to come back for more after just your first time.

Indulge yourself today with a wonderful Thai massage at Smile Thai Massage. 
Call us on                  0413 5792 245.
Alexandra Head land      (07)5479 5889
Caloundra                       (07)5491 4883

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